Christmas is all about entertaining family, friends and relatives over the holidays. In this holiday season, while you often get cold feet when work crosses your mind, a meaningful and fun-filled trip can surely release you from your life’s monotony. The vibes are happy, the carols are merry and the atmosphere is magical. This charm of Christmas multifoldes by right decision of right vacation.

Make it Merry in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Rishilok is a surreal combination of spirituality, nature’s peace, meditation & yoga, adventure sports as well as commercial joints. There is nothing that remains untapped by the course of journey and during your stay here as everything is beautifully encapsulated in this paradise of land. Believing in supreme power of God Almighty, you can feel the connection with the universe with that dip you take in the sacred waters of River Ganga. When you sing the arti in chorus the sound reverberates and a feeling of oneness overpowers every other emotion that can surface. Such is the effect of the place on you. It sure is to give an understanding of culture, expectations, conditioning and more.

Adventure & Activities

Fun, excitement and wonderful al fresco experience is what awaits you here. There are so many exciting adventure sports that you can hit upon at the foothills of magnificent Himalayas – “Rishikesh”. One of the most famous adventure activities, River Rafting renders a fantastic opportunity for people all around the globe to feel the adrenalin pumping in River Ganga. Savouring the gentle touch of shining blue water, you can lose your worries in the freshness surrounding the natural woods and plush green coverage of forests all around.

Bungee is another activity which is one of the most challenging ones too. If height is a fear factor for you, it is better to refrain from it. But otherwise, it is worth giving a try. Diving from the altitude of 120-160 ft., you relish the captivating surroundings. So getting camera ready is highly recommended as this moment is a rare celebration of attained victory.

You can also go peddling through the picturesque lands and explore the unique regional assortments that nature brings on the table for you. Resorts near Rajaji National Park also lets you get in touch with vivid biodiversity of Rishikesh.

Best Resort in Rishikesh near Ganga

Facilitating the best Ayurvedic Spa in Rishikesh, fine-dining experience and several other in-house treats, Panambi resort is an exceptional settlement in the heart of Himalayas. Luxury becomes a lifestyle here. Warm accommodation, charming milieu and amazing hospitality & services are the trademarks. Without compromising with the maintained standards, you will be lured by plathora of indulgences you get here without having to leave your place. Be it the leisurely walk in gardens, savouring refreshing drinks by the poolside, enjoying beautiful hues of sunrise and sunset or simply relaxing in the cozy room by the window side, you will be delighted by the wholesome experience of peace and calm here. for more information related to travel, fashion and entertainment visit blogbeas

So, this Christmas, be a part of Yoga Retreat Rishikesh and make merry by singing Christmas Carols in nature’s bliss!!!